Here you can find yet more photos of us acting all clever-like in someone else's brewery although, if you've looked at the previous brewday's photos, you'll definitely be bored of pictures of metal tanks and suchlike by this point...

So, on that note, you may wish to navigate away now!

Re-circulating the first runnings from the mash tun (sometimes called "foreshots", as in Whisky making, or the German "Vorlauf") after mashing is finished is simply running off wort until it flows clear and settles the mash into an efficient filter bed... which is what's happening here, not the addition of ammonia caramel E150!

A clever trick we employed here was to "sparge through" some roasted barley to extract colour but not flavour; here, Gazza sprinkles it atop the mash ready for sparging to begin.

Dave adds the first-wort Columbus to the copper.

The "mini-kit" just coming to the boil with "Martin's Fearless Sorachi Mild" Im Bau!

Dead Souls in the Rutland, Sheffield.

Then two of our beers on at once!!!  And neither of them pale...