Here you can find yet more photos of us acting all clever-like in someone else's brewery although, if you've looked at the previous brewday's photos, you'll definitely be bored of pictures of metal tanks and us clambering in and out of them by now...

So, on that note, enjoy these photos of our fifth brew at Little Ale Cart...

Master of the Spooniverse Bez 5 The Seventies are Over!

On the bar at the Hunters, Kilburn, Derbyshire

They even put up our advert!

There she blows...

In esteemed company... Abbeydale, Thornbridge and Oakham!

On the bar at the Harley, Sheffield

Now that's what Mid-Atlantic pale ale is supposed to look like...  Fawcett's LCMO in action!

Being presented with the bronze award by Claire Fudge at the brewery for "Masters".