Here you can find yet more photos of us acting all clever-like in someone else's brewery although, if you've looked at the previous brewday's photos, you'll definitely be bored of pictures of metal tanks and us clambering in and out of them by now...

So, on that note, enjoy these photos of our second brew at Little Ale Cart, 51st State...

51st State D-Generation XX Bez 2 LAC2C

Our casks get delivered to the Cask & Welly...

Centennials ready for the copper

And in they go!

Oh yes....!

The copper comes up to the required level of 5 Barrels...

Our "hop bed" in the copper smelt gorgeous!

And Dave had the job of cleaning it out (as he's the only one who'll fit through the hole...)

Testing the hopped wort...

...which finds all-round approval in the citrus stakes!

Watching the Carragheen moss do it's job is fascinating!

Cask 40016 steams away after steam-cleaning...

Racking 51st State into our new casks!

D-Generation XX at Donny BF

D-Generation XX at Donny BF

... My lords!!!  Golden beer of the Festival and OVERALL BEER of the FESTIVAL too !!!!

Gazza with Bez in the Dragon, Worcester


So, that's our fourth beer done!  Look out for it at, as they say, "better free houses in your area"!