Here you can find yet more photos of us acting all clever-like in someone else's brewery although, if you've looked at the previous brewday's photos, you may be bored of pictures of metal tanks and us clambering in and out of them by now...

So, on that note, enjoy these photos of our first brew at Little Ale Cart, Black No.1...

Black No.1 Czarna Kawa Douro Negative 

"Steel City in Crystal Malt shock"...

Dave mixing roast barley with sacks of LCMO

Dave measures out the grains for our mash

Fawcett's roast barley

Watching the grist go into the Mashtun

Dave waits for the Mashtun plate to be covered in liquor

Mashing in begins!

Mashing in Black No.1

The mash is stirred to eliminate hotspots

Gazza pretending to do some manual labour

Breakfast steak pie!


Dave and Gary of White Rose check the clarity of the first runnings

Gazza and Gary of White Rose sample the first runnings

Digging out the mash

Sacks of spent grain outside the brewery

Lighting the propane burners under the copper

The fermenter is cleaned prior to receiving the wort

Time for a cup of tea...

The fresh yeast is measured out

Dave adds the first addition of Admiral hops at "first-wort"

The underback in action filling the copper

Working hard, or hardly working?  More tea...

The propane burners going for it!

Gazza adds the "flame-off" aroma hops, Admiral yet again...

then stirs the copper to wet them through

Checking the hopped wort comes from the paraflow at the correct temperature

"Guest brewer" John Bratley with the all-important yeast!

Our pitch of yeast about to go into the fermenter

Dave adds the yeast, and Black No.1 is born!

And, finally, we get to drink some...  and yes, it's very black!!! (It was quoted as 10 out of 10 for colour on the Dragon, Worcester's beer board!)

So, that's our third beer done!  Look out for it at, as they say, "better free houses in your area"!