Here you can find yet more photos of us acting all clever-like in someone else's brewery and this time it's a new one... Brewwharf in Southwark, London, courtesy of Phil Lowry, where we were invited to brew a collaboration beer!


The brewkit at Brewwharf

Mashing in

The first-wort hops in the copper

Dave weighs out the Chinooks

The copper fills up... this bit smells absolutely gorgeous!


Dave and Phil discuss the brew

Digging out the mashtun

Dave in the mashtun... a very tight fit! (Gazza didn't attempt it...)

Phil checks the progress of the hotbreak

This shows the very American "boutique" feel to the brewpub where diners watch the brewers at work (or, in our case, pissing around)

The yeast (SO5) is added, and Hopsession is born!

Running off to the FV

Gazza mans the controls of the kit

Wort flowing into the FV over the temperature probe

Dave takes over the controls!

6.5kg of hops takes a lot of shovelling out... demonstrated here...

...and here...

...and here!

Hopsession is on at Brewwharf!

And in the book it goes!!!