For those who care about such mundanities we'll be posting photos of everything to do with our second brew, Worcestershire Sourced, here.

The pocketful of Cascades before we broke into it!

Picking up the Worcestershire Cascades from our secret source...

Just how fresh are they?  Just four weeks off the bine and smelling superb...

Brewday was soon upon us, mashing in at 07:00...

Just look at the size of that Barm cake!!!  (sausage, egg and black puddin'... tha' knows)

Yet another photo of grain going into the grist case

Gazza mashing-in wearing his lucky brewing trousers!

Dave weighs out the first-wort charge of UK Cascades

The first-wort hops go into the copper!

Boiling commences!

Pure quality!

Gazza pretending to work...

... then pretending to be knackered!

Dave stirring in the 45-minute hop charge

The final 2kg of UK Cascades go in at flame-off!

Running off to the fermenter.

Dave digs out tonnes of hops from the copper.

Gazza with the finished product in the Harley!