For those who want to see what we got up to, here's a photographic story of our day at BrewCo making "Hop Manifesto"...  The Launch Night photos are here!

Hop Manifesto clip

08:15, time to get started!

Measuring out the Wheat Malt (that's water treatment salts in the dish, by the way...)

Who invited him?

Right then, let's get mashing...

Fawcett's Low-colour Maris Otter goes into the malt hopper

Some long-haired idiot tips malt all over the floor

The malt hopper full of Castleford's finest

Pete's pre-masher hard at work

Stirring in the dry spots

Making sure we've got them all

Packs of hops ready for their date with destiny

"Running off" the sweet wort into the copper

Sparging the grain

The super-sticky Magnums are opened

Look at the colour of them beauties!

Breaking up the first hop charge and getting sticky hands

Pete's hop nosebag!

The "First-wort" Magnums ready to go in

Official beer tester...

The first charge of "first wort" hops goes into the copper

The boil gets under way

It's soon time for some more hops...

A Japanese gravel garden?  No, it's the spent grains after sparging!

Pete checks the clarity of the final runoff from the mashtun

We don't want to use that!

A "thrashing boil" is achieved

Pete and Dave discuss the brew's progress

Dave digging out the mashtun

I do some work, you know...

I'm knackered, where's me beer?

Cleaning out the mashtun

Cleaning the filter plate

Dave adds the third charge of Magnums after half an hour...

...and makes sure they're all nice and wet

The brewhouse from above

In go the Centennials...

How much longer to boil?

The final hop charge of Cascade and Centennial


Measuring out the yeast

Checking the hopped wort as we transfer to the fermenter

Like my brewing trousers?

The spent hops almost cover the copper's elements!

Digging out the copper

Jet-cleaning spent hops from the elements

There's a lot more cleaning to do than you think...

The final few hops go down the drain

And, finally, time for some relaxation in the sample room!

Bloody hell I need this... it's hard work this brewing lark!

What a great day that was!  Massive thanks to Pete for helping us to achieve this milestone and here's to many more similar times in the future...

Ten days later, Dave returned to rack the beer...

The first pint straight from the fermenter...

Lines of casks after being filled with Hop Manifesto

All 22 casks ready to roll!

And, finally, the finished product... Hop Manifesto on the bar at the Dragon, Worcester.  Now you've seen how much work goes into making it, the next time you have a beer raise a glass to the hard-working brewers of the world!

These photos were taken on the official launch night in the Harlequin, Sheffield, 13th October 2009

All three beers on in the Harlequin, Sheffield

Hannah pulls us some Hop Manifesto

My go...

Dave pulls a pint of Hop Manifesto in the Harlequin

More Drink!  Hooray!

Tasting the finished beer in the Harlequin

Cask of Bez in the Harlequin cellar!

Checking the clarity (not bad!)

Dave gives Bez a taste...

Gazza gives it a go too...

Life of Brian with a few floaters in... (well, it was the first off the cask!)

Taste those lemons...

Life of Brian sampling in the Harlequin cellar

Here's a small video of Dave serving Hop Manifesto in the Harlequin is here, including the obligatory ranting!!